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1. You should check the victim for responsiveness by:
Using smelling salts.
Shaking him and shouting, "Are you okay?"
Pouring cold water on his face.
All of the above.

3. To check if the victim is breathing, you should:
Listen for exhaled air.
Watch for his chest to rise and fall.
Feel for exhaled air.
All of the above.

5. The technique used to clear the victim's airway is:
Lift chin up, tilt head back.
Push chin down, tilt head forward.
Lift chin up, turn head sideways.
None of the above.

7. When assisting the victim with breathing:
Pinch the victim's nose closed.
Do not over-inflate the victim's lungs.
Allow the victim exhale on his own.
All of the above.

2. If the victim remains unresponsive, you should:
Dial 9-1-1 before starting CPR.
Start CPR before dialing 9-1-1.
Wait to see if the victim regains consciousness.
None of the above.

4. The most common airway obstruction is:
The tongue.
None of the above.

6. Check for circulation by feeling for pulse at the:
Jugular vein.
Carotid artery.
None of the above.

8. When administering chest compressions:
Position your hands on the sternum.
Give 2 breaths after 30 compressions.
Apply the "2 hands, 2 inches" rule.
All of the above.

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