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June 2008

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May 29, 2007

We have recently learned that www.cprandfirstaid.net and www.cpr-course.net (both of which are owned and operated by Firstaidandcpr Online LLC. of Hamden, CT.) have illegally reproduced and published a copy of FirstAidWeb Inc. website material (commonly referred to as "cyber-squatting") and are passing it as their own in a clear and blatant violation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and other international copyright laws.

While the internet is a wonderful place, unfortunately its very nature provides individuals whose intentions are less-than-honorable a certain degree of anonymity. But rest assured that it does not make these criminals invincible. Because our initial efforts to protect our rights have gone unanswered (click here to read our Cease And Desist letter) we have filed an order for immediate and permanent injunction against Firstaidandcpr Online LLC. in addition to full prosecution allowable by law, and restitution. If you are one of the hundreds of innocent victims duped by www.cprandfirstaid.net or www.cpr-course.net (both of which are owned and operated by Firstaidandcpr Online LLC.), write to us with a copy of your Paypal receipt or credit card statement: not only will we add your name to the list of complaintants so that you may get your money back, but as a gesture of good will we will even provide you with downloadable certification - on us!

And please remember that FirstAidWeb Inc. is in no way affiliated with these fly-by-night operations, its agents, services or products. These fraudulent and illegal websites were registered with ICANN in March 2007 and June 2007, respectively while - as many of you already know - we at FirstAidWeb Inc. have been proudly serving our clients since early 2001 and we plan to continue doing so for a very long time.

We thank you for your attention and for your continued support.

Jay Brand
FirstAidWeb Inc.

UPDATE (July 11, 2007) - The wheels of justice turn slowly but we are not giving up. While Connecticut District Attorney reviews the documents we have filed with their office we feel compelled to remind all of our returning and potential clients that "rumors" and "groundless claims" do not get your website banned from the internet - violating the law does! So when you are faced with the important decision of which facility you can trust with your certification, remember that facts speak for themselves:

FACT: FirstAidWeb Inc. (www.firstaidweb.com) has been a dedicated and trusted BLS training and certification provider since 2001 (read whois report here) - we are not some fly-by-night operation!

FACT: Alleged complaints regarding FirstAidWeb Inc. practices which are posted on complaintsboard.com began to appear at precisely the same time as FIRSTAIDANDCPR ONLINE LLC "cyber-squatted" our website and - hiding behind our identity and reputation - ripped off unsuspecting clients! If you are a victim of this fraudulent website which has already been banned twice, take our free test and send us a copy of your Paypal receipt - we will provide you with downloadable certification on us!

FACT: Every single comment posted on our testimonials page is from actual clients provided to us unsolicited and reprinted in full (along with their email address) with the client's permission. And for anyone who wants to see our real performance record, feel free to read our BBB report: 2 resolved complaints in 6 years - we are proud of our unparalleled customer satisfaction record!

FACT: Until March 2007 when FIRSTAIDANDCPR ONLINE LLC broke the law by stealing our website, we enjoyed a friendly and cooperative relationship with all other training facilities such as ProCPR, CPRTODAY, EmergencyUniversity, NurseTesting, CPRBootCamp, Prodevcorp, etc. - our only interest is to protect our rights and our clients!

FACT: FirstAidWeb Inc. is fully-licensed by the City Of Los Angeles and the State Of California as an Educational and Training facility, and neither our company nor website have never been suspended or reprimanded for any violations by any regulatory body. Here is what FIRSTAIDANDCPR ONLINE LLC own hosting company's attorneys had to say!

FACT: FIRSTAIDANDCPR ONLINE LLC states that our accusations against their company and practices are "groundless", "malicious", "ridiculous", "false and vicious", "misleading", etc. which would constitute libel. If that's the case we openly challenge these thieves to take legal action against FirstAidWeb Inc. - but they won't because they know that every single statement on this page is 100% true and accurate!

UPDATE (June 22, 2007) - Our legal team's efforts are paying off! After weeks of hard work we were successful in shutting down the offending website with the much appreciated cooperation of their hosting company, 1&1 Hosting (click here to read official suspension notice). However, it now appears that these crooks are back to their old tricks, using a new hosting company - IX Web Hosting - who have been advised of the matter. Rest assured that we will remain vigilant in defending our rights and protecting our clients from becoming fraud victims. In fact, in our ongoing effort to promote positive client relations and to help those who've fallen victim to this scam, we will provide you with downloadable certification free of charge. Simply pass our test, and send us a copy of your Paypal receipt or credit card statement with a charge from FIRSTAIDANDCPR ONLINE LLC - we will send you LEGITIMATE certification from FirstAidWeb Inc. absolutely free!

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