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Adult CPR Exam


This exam consists of true or false and multiple choice questions. It's not timed (so don't rush) but all questions and answers are randomized each time (just to make sure you're paying attention).


When you're done you will see your statistics and receive your score - 80% or better to pass. Scroll down to review all of your answers and, depending on your status, re-take the exam or get your certification.


Good luck 🙂



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1. The technique to clear an adult victim's airway is:

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2. What is the correct chest compression rate for adult CPR?

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3. To check pulse in an adult victim, you need to palpate his

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4. When approaching a victim of cardiac arrest, first you must first assess scene for safety.

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5. If you don't see the victim's chest rise when providing ventilation, you need to

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6. Check adult victim for responsiveness by

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7. When single rescuer is administering CPR to an adult victim, the ratio of chest compressions to ventilation is:

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8. The correct chest compression depth for adult CPR is: