Adult CPR & AED Course

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Opening the airway with “head tilt-chin lift” technique:

  1. place one hand on the victim’s forehead and push with your palm to tilt the head back
  2. place the fingers of the other hand under the bony part of the lower jaw near the chin
  3. lift the jaw to bring the chin forward


Bag-mask device

All BLS providers should be able to use a bag-mask device. For most effective ventilation during CPR, one rescuer should open the airway and seal the mask against the victim’s face, while the other rescuer squeezes the bag.

Bag-mask ventilation:

  1. position yourself directly above the victim’s head
  2. place the mask on the victim’s face, using the bridge of the nose as a guide for correct position
  3. use the E-C clamp technique to hold the mask in place while you lift the jaw to hold the airway open
  4. squeeze the bag to give breaths (1 second each) while watching for chest rise.